El Tigre

Finca Las Cañas would not be what it is with out the help of others. Harvesting coffee is a team effort, and would not be the same with out the leadership of Jose Ramon Varela, a.k.a. “EL TIGRE”, which means “THE TIGER”. He is a man with endless energy that enjoys being in the mountains. Finca Las Cañas has no electricity and you cannot visit by car as there are no roads that lead to it. This is not uncommon for coffee lands in Honduras. This is part of why it is so difficult to bring this great coffee to you, the roasters and end consumers.

El Tigre never goes anywhere with out his machete and is sometimes known to disappear into the mountain side for weeks at a time alone. He hunts cusuco (armadillo), snake, deer, bear, porcupine and wild boars with his bear hands at night! One can easily understand why they call him The Tiger. Yet he is a gentle teacher when it comes to training and managing a small crew that cares for the plants year round.