Finca Las Canas Protected Nursery“Finca Las Cañas is a small family farm in the highlands of Olancho, Honduras. We export the best of our crop direct to roasters in the United States, as well as to our own roaster in Madison Heights, Michigan, U.S.A.. Our natural shade is a bird sanctuary with countless species of birds and our coffee is meticulously cared for by the Maradiaga-Vasquez family and El Tigre.

With superb growing conditions Finca Las Cañas is striving to be one of the best coffees in Honduras available today! Because of the lack of infrastructure in Honduras, transportation is a challenge, thus there is little incentive for growers to produce specialty coffee. We at Finca Las Cañas however, are truly commited to offering you a premium specialty coffee delivered roasted or green to your door.

Contact us today if you are interested in developing a long term relationship with Finca Las Cañas, or, in purchasing some of the worlds finest dark or medium roast coffee (see our "contact us" page).

- Carlos and Dora.